Would you drive your car without ever getting a check under the hood? No! The same holds true for your central vacuum system and just prior to the fall allergy season is a great time to get your system scheduled for a checkup. Our system checkups include:

Clean Power Unit & Permanent Filter
Clean & Replace Secondary Filter (some brands)
Inspect Power Unit Motor(s) & Brushes
Inspect Power Unit Electronics & Gaskets
Check Low Voltage Connections
Inspect All Wall Plates (Inlet Valves)
Check Vacuum System for Clogs
Examine Hose & Connections
Clean Pipes & Refresh System (Tornado Cloths)
Check all attachments (carpet, hardwood floor, dusting brushes)

Regular system checkups can help you avoid costly repairs and prolong the life of your unit. For optimum results filter replacement should always be preformed just prior to fall and spring to insure maximum air cleaning and particulate removal. In addition to saving on our service call we are also offering a 10% discount of all consumable products such as tornado wipes for continued system maintenance throughout the year.

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