Spot by Vroom Quick-Clean Convenience


Easy Built-in Convenience

SPOT stores up to 15′ of retractable hose in the wall for fast and easy on-the-spot cleaning. Simply lift the lid, pull out the hose, flip the switch and clean your mess. When you’re finished cleaning, SPOT retracts back into the wall and out of sight until needed.



SPOT keeps out-of-sight and instantly accessible until needed, that’s why homeowners that have SPOT, never want to be “SPOTLESS!”

Location, Location, Location

SPOT is easily installed in new construction and existing homes in the places where daily messes frequently occur. With a 15′ hose, SPOT is perfect for laundry rooms, pet areas, mudrooms, entrances, bathrooms, sewing rooms and other smaller locations.

Fast and Versatile
SPOT lets you quickly clean everyday messes without having to get a vacuum hose or other cleaning supplies! Plus, a removable dusting brush is included with SPOT for even more cleaning convenience and versatility.

• Up to 15’of retractable hose stored in the wall
• Instantly accessible and out of sight until needed
• Powered by your central vacuum system
• Great for smaller rooms and locations
• On/Off switch – pull out red tab to turn on, push in to shut off
• Available in 3 colors – white, almond or black
• Comes with a removable dusting brush
• Great for smaller rooms and locations







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