Spring is a great time to get that house cleaning going.  Why not do it the easy way and install a Beam Central Vacuum System.  We make cleaning easy!  A central vacuum is designed to clean all the surfaces in your home not just the floors. Wouldn’t it be easy to just put on the dusting brush and go through the entire home cleaning and removing all the dust you come in contact with in each room. 100% of all the dirt and dust is removed from your living space and vacuumed out to the canister in the garage.  You will be amazed at how easy it really is to clean your home.  How about the pollen and ragweed that comes with the spring season?  Just plug in your Beam vacuum and get started cleaning your living space. Our vacuums are moving around 135 cubic feet of air per minute through the vacuum system and collecting 100% of this in your vacuum canister. No air borne allergens, no dust, no pollen, no pet dander, no mold spores, NO PROBLEM.

Yes Spring Cleaning your home is easy with our Beam vacuum System. We install our vacuums in new construction homes and we specialize in your existing homes.  YES we can install a vacuum in your existing home!  It does not cost as much as most people think.  Call us today and lets talk about your home.  We know that we can make your life better starting with the air inside…… you will be amazed at what a good vacuum system can really do for you.

Beam of Knoxville


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