The wait is over.  The New Beam Alliance Vacuum Systems are in stock.  If you are in the process of building or remodeling you MUST take a look at this new generation of central vacuum system.  How about a vacuum power unit that saves energy with its new High Efficiency motor and has more suction than most all other vacuums in the industry today.  The HE motor uses 30% less energy than a traditional central vacuum motor.  A Lifetime Self Cleaning Filter is exclusive to BEAM Vacuums and filters 98% of particles at 0.3 microns, without the need to EVER buy a separate filter bag.  The new 700TC Power Unit even has a true HEPA Filter on the exhaust air so you don’t even have to think about venting the system to the outside.  These are just a few of the new features of the Beam Alliance Vacuum System ” The Intelligent Vacuum”.

How about a vacuum that “tells you” when to empty your collection bucket.  This power unit sends a message to you through the hose and lets you know if your bucket is full or tells you that your suction level is not at full performance.  The digital SMART screen shows you an image of what needs attention.  Now that’s an intelligent vacuum!  It knows how it should be performing.  You can even adjust the speed or suction power of the vacuum with the touch of your finger.

You can see why we are excited about our new Beam Vacuums.  Come by today and let us get you excited about cleaning your home.  Cleaning can be fun or maybe just made easier….

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